Saturday, March 4, 2017

Liberal Agenda Items

One of many problems I have with the liberals is that they don’t give serious issues (see my last post for list of serious issues) the attention they need, but instead focus on less critical areas (such transgender bathrooms), which I’ve listed below. By “liberal” I mean those at the far left of the political spectrum such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Most of academia, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media (NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC) fall into this category.

The other things that bother me about liberals are these:
The rights of a few often take precedence over the rights of the many.
Political correctness rules – it is another form of oppression. They want to force their views on everybody.
They have their own definitions for such things as tolerance (they only “tolerate” those who agree with them) and inclusiveness (they include only those who agree with them or those groups who are politically correct).
They keep fighting battles they’ve already won, such as LGBT rights and abortion.
They are unwilling to compromise (although those on the far right also seem unwilling to compromise as well). It’s all or nothing with them.
They have their own very strict orthodoxy: even within their own ranks that don’t allow for much variation in opinions. This reminds me of the novels “1984” and “Brave New World” with the “Thought Police” controlling your thinking.
They are vicious and nasty when they lose or somebody disagrees with them. Just look at their behavior when Trump won the presidency.
They are elitist, looking down on those who disagree with them as unworthy yokels. They refer to the center part of the US as “flyover country,” conjuring up the image of a wasteland inhabited by ignorant and uneducated know-nothings. The people on the east and west coasts are the enlightened ones, whom we should all follow if we want to be considered “progressive.”
They are naïve. They seem to have this child-like belief in the innate goodness of humanity despite a world history of cruel dictators, wars, oppression, and deceit. They seem to think that if we just sat down and had a dialog with our enemies, we could work things out and everybody will be happy. Appeasement will break down resistance and we can all get along. Talk to Neville Chamberlain about the value of appeasement.

Below are the major issues that liberals feel are critical (as I understand it) with my comments on each one.

Diversity and Inclusion: these are notable goals but often discrimination results from actions taken in the name of inclusiveness and diversity. It should be understood that all people will benefit from solving some of the big problems mentioned in my last post.

LGBT and transgender rights (for example the bathroom issue): for liberals everything is viewed through the lens of LGBT.

Climate change: even though progress has been made regarding the environment, we still have more work to do. One problem in the liberals’ approach to climate change and the environment is that the US is asked to make significant changes while China and India continue to build fossil fuel electric generating plants, thus continuing to pollute the air. Rules and restrictions should be the same for everybody.

Protecting the right to an abortion: no right is absolute, so states should be allowed to place reasonable limitations on abortions.

Illegal immigrants’ rights: immigrants should go through the proper process, and should not be rewarded for breaking our laws by entering illegally. Nevertheless, there should be a path to legal residency for those already in the US.

Refugees: there’s nothing in the constitution that gives non-citizens free access to the US. We can not absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Wealth inequality: Bernie Sanders had one answer to every question: tax the rich. Loopholes should be closed and very highly paid executives, sports figures, and entertainers should be taxed heavily, but not so much that it stifles the entrepreneurial spirit.
Racism: see “racial tensions” in my last post.

Police brutality: see “the police” in my last post.

Gun Control: keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, children, domestic terrorists, and criminals should be the goal. Closing loopholes in our current gun control system is a good first step. Unfortunately some people who legally have guns don’t store them securely, so the wrong people may have easy access to weapons. New and stricter laws won’t change this, only, perhaps, better gun security education.

Palestinian demands at Israel’s expense: liberals favor Palestine and expect Israel to give up more land. Liberals don’t seem to understand that the Arabs want to eliminate Israel as a nation. They won’t be satisfied until they have all the land and Israel ceases to exist.

The Environment: (pipelines, nuclear plants, etc.): protecting the environment is important, but progress should not be hindered because of some relatively small risks. Regarding pipelines, fracking, and nuclear power plants, they should be engineered and built properly, with safety and the environment in mind. Workers should be well-trained and there should be regular inspections for the appropriate governmental agency.

Gender equality: liberals tend to try to raise up women by putting down men. See “equal pay for equal work” in my last post.

Enforcing political correctness: this is not a stated goal of the liberals but is behind much of what they do. Political Correctness tells people how they are to speak, what their priorities should be, which pronouns are acceptable when referring to God, what words are unacceptable when referring to women, and what your position should be regarding a host of social issues – no other opinions allowed! PC is a harsh taskmaster, unrelenting and unforgiving.

There is certainly some overlap between the major problems facing this country and the liberal agenda. Unfortunately that overlap is not as big as it used to be and should be. The liberals are wasting precious time, resources, and effort on problems that diminish in importance when you consider all the major issues of national security, the country’s debt, the economy, crime, violence, terrorism, etc.

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