Friday, August 8, 2008

Congress Goes Home

I have been disgusted with do-nothing Congresses for years. Now we are in an energy crisis, and what does Congress do? They go home without passing any legislation. Why? They couldn’t agree on what to do. So they just take a vacation, and we lose five or six weeks in which some sort of relief might have gotten started.

Politics is the art of compromise, something that recent Congresses have forgotten. Everybody is coming from a different position, so to get anything done you have to compromise. But today Washington is so ideologically polarized that it is paralyzed. Who suffers? We the people, whom Congress is supposed to be serving.

What should we do? Write your Senators and Congressperson and let them know how you feel. Remind them that they are not supposed to be driven by ideology but by what is the best compromise so that progress can be made. No piece of legislation is perfect, but it can be a start. Refinements can be made as time goes on.

Because of Congress’ inability to care for the best interests of the nation and their constituents, I suggest that when election time comes, vote them out. Eventually they’ll get the message. They must be made accountable to those whom they serve – the people, not the party, not special interests, not an ideology, but the people!

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