Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joel Osteen

I read a news report the other day that said that Joel Osteen’s trophy wife, Victoria, went a little nuts on a flight in 2005 and roughed up a flight attendant. The FAA investigated and fined Victoria. Now the flight attendant is suing her because of the trauma.

I’m writing this post because I don’t particularly care for Joel Osteen’s preaching, if you can call it that. He is more of an advice-giver than a preacher. His advice is often good (he has books on the New York Times’ best seller list), but so is Dr. Phil’s. As a preacher of a mega-church, his focus should be on God and our dependence on the Almighty, not on the power of positive thinking and what we can do for ourselves. I’ve heard him a number of times and read one of his books, and spiritually he leaves me cold.

While Osteen’s preaching is rather benign compared to Benny Hinn and others who are more interested in your money than your soul, if he is your main or only source of spiritual nourishment, you are you subsisting on a diet of spiritual junk food – tastes good but doesn’t nourish you. I suggest that if you can get out, go to a church. Don’t depend on TV preachers and call that “church.” We are called to worship collectively, and to engage in fellowship with fellow believers.

I suspect there will be some sort of scandal coming out of Osteen’s church eventually. His lovely wife Victoria is co-pastor (kinda makes you wonder – I wonder if she’s ordained or has attended seminary). I believe his church is independent, not tied to a denomination which provides oversight and accountability. You heard it here first.

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