Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balloon Boy

I believe the episode of “balloon boy” is another indication of how self-centered our society has become. While Mr. Heeney is an extreme case, it does show the extent to which some people will go to make themselves known, and perhaps cash in on it.

The cost of Heeney’s self-serving scheme is large: expenses of those involved in the “rescue” effort, the embarrassment to his family, trauma to the kids, especially “Balloon Boy” himself who threw up on national TV, and Heeney may do jail time.

Before you and I do anything, we should ask ourselves some questions:
“Is this immoral, unethical, or illegal? Does it break one or more of the 10 Commandments?”
If you’re not sure, then ask yourself “Would I want my mother to know about this?”
“Is this strictly self-serving?”
“Could this harm others in some way?”
“Does this bring glory to God or shame?”

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