Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letterman: More on Sex – Part 1

In an earlier post on the David Letterman affairs with employees, I talked about how sex outside of marriage is a sin. I would like to explain that statement a little more.

Although Christians are just following biblical guidelines in this regard, our sex-obsessed culture accuses us of being uptight, puritanical, and hung-up on sex. Meanwhile, it is the culture that has gone well beyond good taste, in everything from advertising to TV sitcoms to “wardrobe malfunctions” at the Super Bowl. Moreover, the culture tells us today that we are simply smarter animals, are driven by animal instincts that we can’t control. Our society believes that since we can’t control ourselves, especially our kids, we need to be better educated on how to protect ourselves from the consequences.

However, our society seems to have forgotten that for thousands of years, millions of people did control themselves. Until a society became decadent, people generally followed a moral code that permitted sexual relations only in marriage. Even the Romans, whom we usually consider decadent, did have a time earlier in their history when they were morally upright.
Has the quality of the American population declined so much that we have become unable to have any self-control? No, but society has deteriorated to the point that lies about sex and life are now propagated as truth, even in our schools, and people are buying into them.

Yet God made us, and the Maker provides us with instructions on how God’s creation should live. Just as your car’s owner’s manual tells you how often to change the oil and how not to treat your car, so God gives us guidelines for proper living, because he knows best. Remember that TV program in the 50’s: “Father Knows Best”? Jim Anderson was this wise father who always knew what was best for his family. Well, in spiritual matters, Father really does know best (your heavenly Father, that is).

More on this topic in a future post.

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