Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Marriage These Days

Below is an article of interest concerning marriage and relationships:

Four out of ten Americans say they don’t need a marriage certificate to prove love or commitment, according to an online survey by AOL Personals and Zogby International taken in November 2007.

Nearly half of the respondents (44%) between the ages of 20 and 69 said they didn’t need marriage to validate their relationships. A majority of those in their 30s (73%) said they would prefer to live together first and most said marriage should truly be until “death do us part.” Trust is highly important for the singles in their 20s.

Although the 20-somethings are also more open to experimenting with sexual relationships, they are more inclined to end a partnership over infidelity than work through any infidelities. For older respondents — who didn’t feel the need to be married and were more comfortable accepting infidelity “as part of life” — companionship was more important.

Quoted from Pastor’s Weekly Briefing, January 17, 2008. © 2008, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado. All rights reserved.

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