Friday, February 8, 2008

Why I Don’t Want a Liberal as President

While I sympathize with many of the issues that liberals promote, I believe that their solutions are typically unrealistic or they don’t really have any viable solutions at all. For example, we are facing a multitude of problems with our consumption of imported oil and extensive burning of carbon-based nonrenewable natural resources. Have the liberals come up with a solution? No, only a few partial solutions. See my earlier posts on this topic.

After Bill Clinton was elected the first time, the political climate was right for improvements to our health care system. What did Hillary do? She came up with such a terrible plan that nothing has been done on the subject since then. Her ultra-liberal plan for universal health care was more socialistic than the French system!

Without going into a lot of detail, below are my concerns if Clinton or Obama get elected, especially now that the Democrats will continue to have majorities in both houses of Congress for the foreseeable future. I don’t care what the candidates say on a topic – they are liberal Democrats and I know what they will do because of their ideology. Liberals are very predictable because they have a rigid ideology that they follow religiously.

Judges and Justices: a liberal Democrat will appoint activist judges who won’t just interpret the law, but will make law, revising the Constitution to fit their agendas.

Israel: Israel will receive less of the kind of moral, diplomatic, and military support it needs to defend itself in such a hostile part of the world because liberals tend to be lukewarm towards Israel at best.

The War: despite the rhetoric, nobody is going to pull out of Iraq immediately, leaving a power vacuum that will be filled by extremists. However, a liberal will probably begin a phased withdrawal almost immediately, signaling that the war is winding down and thus giving the enemy hope of taking over Iraq soon.

Taxes: all those wonderful government programs come at a cost – higher taxes. There ain’t no free lunch, baby!

Unintended Consequences: all government programs suffer from the law of unintended consequences. For example, the Great Society welfare system came at the expense of creating a dependent underclass that became locked into a cycle of poverty. Liberals with the best of intentions pass laws or establish programs that end up with nasty consequences that may take a generation or two to correct.

Energy Policy: we desperately need a good energy policy with the aim of freeing us from all dependence on foreign oil and reducing carbon emissions radically. The Republicans haven’t delivered, and the Democrats will deliver very little: forced conservation measures for the most part, but no real solutions. The tough things that need to get done won’t, because the auto companies and the oil companies are too powerful. They are the ones calling the shots, not the President or Congress. Moreover, liberal doctrine precludes a key way of reducing carbon emissions – nuclear power.

Traditional Values: liberal doctrine does not include traditional values, so we will see no improvement there. Just look at the string of laws that have been passed in California in the past couple of years now that the liberals tightly control both houses and they have a liberal (even though Republican) governor.

Abortion: there will be no restrictions at the federal level, and activist judges will shoot down state initiatives. Any health care plan put forth by the Democrats will contain tax-funded abortions.

Foreign Relations: will improve, because a liberal will be more acceptable to the European powers and will probably not be pro-Israel (which will endear him or her to the Islamic countries). Liberals tend to be internationalists.

Freedom of Religion: will probably be limited further (despite First Amendment guarantees) under the guise of preventing “hate speech” (it’s already happened in other countries) and revisionist interpretations of the doctrine of separation of church and state. We will also see more limits on free speech in general.

Elitism: one of the issues I have with liberals is that they are elitists, meaning they believe they have all the answers and the rest of us are ignorant yahoos that don’t have the wisdom they have. The people’s opinions count for little, because the people are stupid. To give you an idea of how that elitism works, read the following blurb about an activist judge who totally ignored the will of the people:

“Last week, in the state of Oregon, plans to enforce statewide legalization of gay marriage were given a seemingly underhanded nudge when a U.S. district judge ruled that the opinion of the people did not really matter. Judge Michael Mosman concluded that the state did not need to count all of the signatures on a petition proposing a vote of the people on a state law to create same-sex domestic partnerships with rights and privileges identical to married couples. Instead, Mosman threw out a lawsuit against Oregon's domestic partnership law, allowing the legislation to go into effect last Friday.”

In California, we have seen the state government totally ignore the will of the people as well. The people passed referendums that have been totally ignored by the state legislators. When the liberals get into power, they rule with an iron fist. So much for the will of the people. What ever happened to a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”?

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